Despite its affordable price, many of the Arcadia features are shared with the higher spec Original line. The Arcadia benefits from the signature Natal Sun Lug design, and produces a well-focused, precise tone ideal for gigging. The mid scooped quality is a necessity for solid, punchy recordings in a home studio environment. This is a classic kit, producing slightly more bass to give your beats extra punch. The Birch’s bright tone makes the Arcadia easy for microphones to capture, whilst maintaining the depth that many drummers find critical to a kit’s sound. The low mass lugs and triple flanged hoops increase sustain for a beat that not only projects on contact, but has a levelled decay on the open sound.

Product Features

  • Tom: 10″x 6.5″ Tom: 12″x 7″ Floor Tom: 16″x 14″ Snare: 14″x 5.5″ Bass Drum: 22″x 18″
  • Shell Construction: Birch
  • Bass Drum Claws: Die-Cast
  • Tom Mount: Pro Series Double Tom Mount (with Aluminium Ball Joint)
  • Includes: Three Piece Double Braced Boom Stand, Three Piece Double Braced Straight Stand, Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Drum Stand