*A fun and perfect musical instruments rhythm toys set for toddler to learn the foundations of rhythm, great for children to develop a sense of rhythm and inspire their activities interests and ecourage kids’ to touch and explore.
*High quality various percussion instruments that produce a wide range of sounds, nice for playing individually or in a group.
*Come with pack of 10 musical instruments rhythm toys. Children can form their own bands with friends or schoolmates – great for promoting teamwork and coordination. These instruments can also help kids foster a passion for music and develop a sense of rhythm by experimenting with different sounds.
*It can practice children¡¯s hands and eye coordination by this instrument set, this process will be beneficial to children¡¯s brain development, build self-confidence.
*It is also suitable for family group play, good for Parent-child Interaction. Parents and children can play together following the music sound. This is very good for children¡¯s growing.

*Warn tips:
Safe and suitable for young children ages 3 and up. For younger kids who are under 3 years old, please be accompanied by adults when playing.

Package Included:
1x Xylophone
2x shaker eggs
2x Maracas
1x Wood Sounder
2x Finger Castanets
2x Cymbals
1x Cluster Bell
1x Triangle with striker
1x Mini Tambourine
1x Wooden guiro
1x Zippered Carrying Case
We promise total refund or replacement if you’re not 100% satisfied!
Any questions before or after you perchase, please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Including 10 kinds of music toys, Including 1x Xylophone, 2x shaker eggs, 2x Maracas,1x Wood Sounder, 2x Finger Castanets, 2x Cymbals, 1x Cluster Bell, 1x Triangle with striker, 1x Mini Tambourine, 1x Wooden guiro, 1x Zippered Carrying Case. Various playing methods, different musical sound.
  • Colorful appearance and lovely design, very attractive to children.
  • Nice polish and smooth surface, all non-toxic, very safe and compact size for preschool and early elementary children in group or individual play.
  • Greatly helpful to let you kids participate in creative musical movements and enjoy fun at an early age. And an ideal gift to develop children’s musical talent and improve their sense of rhythm.
  • A complete rhythm instrument set in zippered carrying bag, convenient to carry and store.