Mugig violin accessory kit helps you to learn and offer your beloved violin meticulous warm care.

Components and Uses:
1-Violin stringsX4:contains four strings,D-4th, G-3rd, B-2nd, E-1st.
2-Violin tunerX1:help to adjust the pitch when you play the violin.
3-RosinX1:add friction to the bow to make it sound on the strings,also for all instrument with bow.
4-ShoulderX1:adjust the height of the violin to make the neck and shoulders more relaxed.
5-BridgeX1:support the strings, so that the strings stand higher than the surface of the violin, produce pitch after tightening.
6-Plastic mufflerX1:reduce the sound when practicing without disturbing others.
7-Hanging holder X1: one protruding end of the bracket is used for placing the bow,convenient, solid and beautiful.
8-Syllable stickerX1:to help beginners recognize the strings.
9-Wipe clothX1: used for cleaning the dust on the violin.

Tips:for the tuner
Voltage: 3V CR2032 Battery (included)
Maximum clip thickness: 5.5cm

Tuning range: B0 – B7
A4 Calibration: 440HZ
Application Twelve temperament, violin, guitar, ukulele, bass
Insruction:Short press the boot, and then adjust the type of musical instruments, press the boot again and hold.

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Package include:4 violin strings,wipe cloth,shoulder,rosin,tuner,plastic muffler,bridge,plywood wood brackets ,syllable stickers. Dimension:
1. Wipe cloth: 20*20cm
2. Violin Shoulder: 21*3.2*3.6cm
3. Tuner: 4.5*3*1.4cm
4. Rosin: 4.5*4.5*1.8cm
5. Violin strings: four strings,D-4th, G-3rd, B-2nd, E-1st.
6. Bridge: 5*4*0.4cm
7. Muffler: 5.5*2.5*0.4cm
8. Hanging holder: 10*5*2.2cm

Product Features

  • Target population and scope: Perfect for beginners, new players and students above 5 years old, and it applies to all kinds of violin;
  • Package list: Includes almost everything for violin learning and care: Violin stringsX4; tuner; rosin; shoulder; bridge; plastic muffler; hanging stand; Syllable sticker; wipe cloth.
  • For learning: violin tuner helps to adjust the pitch and syllable sticker helps to recognize the strings and more importantly, the muffler can reduce the sound and avoid to disturb others when practicing;
  • For violin care: soft nylon wipe cloth is included for dust cleaning, and dust-free clear high-quality rosin can provide protection for the bow and strings and it also adds the friction and offers excellent acoustical properties.
  • Size and warranty: 1.1 pounds, 10.7 x 9.5 x 2.4 inches after packing; 6 months warranty against manufacturer’s defects.