Standard 10-Hole Chromatic Harmonica not only to blow out a specific sound ,and much more Is the pursuit of pitch and timbre gradient in the process of transition ,it is unique to the ten hole.
In a sense, the pitch of a 10 hole more widely, because it wasn’t so fixed.


Playing all kinds of music, with other musical instrument ensemble, Simple arrangement, scientific structure and scale,
can be more rich the subtle changes in the performance of music melody and sound,
very suitable for the majority of music lovers and students play

Working Principle:

Chromatic harmonica, also called modulation harmonica.Its scale is to line up with the same black and white keys of the piano keyboard,
so you can play music of various mode.Single reed pronunciation, can pronounce every sound hole vacuum blower.
If on the chromatic key, can be both high rise half, can play all the chromatic octaves, easy to transfer.


Brass, stainless steel plate, ABS material plastic box


144*36*27 MM

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Product Features

  • Big discount from 17th to 25th.Suitable for playing all kinds of classical music and modern music, jazz, and various styles of popular music
  • The harmonica positive-Stainless steel bright silver plate, resin frets ,whole line is elegant and easy to grasp
  • The harmonica opposite-Have the same bump on the back and front printing, clearly visible
  • Frets-Electroplating mouthpiece When using a safe and reliable, Mouthpiece undamped smooth feeling,To reduce the harm of your breath in the play
  • The bottom of the harmonica-The open design Play when the volume is more plentiful