Product Description:

Mugig performer 37 key melodica is a fascinating wind instrument which is easy to learn and has powerfully expressive.
This three octave professional instrument produces a rich accordion-like tone.
The melodica has a tonal range is F below middle C through F,you can play it like a small piano
It is so compact that you can take it with you anywhere.
The Melodica is both a solo and orchestral instrument, blending beautifully with other instruments.
Whatever the music you like – from classical to rock – the Melodica will add its own personality, a unique and captivating sound.

Product Specifications:

– Black body with black and white keys
– Size: 48*10.5*4.5CM
– Weight:2.64 Pound

Package included:

– 1 * 37 Key Melodica
– 1 * Mouthpiece
– 1 * Extension Hose
– 1 * Cleaning Cloth
– 1 * lack Zipper Case
– 1 * Instruction book

Product Features

  • Large, large discount, Performer 37 Keys Melodica , you’re worth it
  • 37keys starting with “F” below middle “C”,Ideal for beginners as well as professionals
  • Two playing modes:Standing performance and Sitting performance
  • Attractive look:Black body with black and white keys-Just like a small piano
  • Includes: Mouthpiece, Extension Hose, Cleaning Cloth and Black Zipper Case