Mugig flute is a horizontal metal tubular body,full length 62 cm, high functionality, versatility, and excellent playability.
To beginner students in band/orchestra at a practical price point.
Offset G with split E,detachable foot-joint and also added features like plateau keys,beveled embouchure and professionally padded keys.
The offset G key is allows you to reach the G key naturally with ease.
Split E key divides G into two separate keys moving independently while linked.




-1×Wipe cloth
-1×Tool knife:Used to adjust the needle spring
-1×Clean bar
-1×Durable case

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Product Features

  • Nickel plated body, silver plated for mouth of the flute ,16 keys closed hole C Flute
  • Oval-shaped blowing month,volume concentrated,sound full rounded
  • Three-stage splicing,easy to carry
  • Through airflow impact hole wall edge to make sound
  • Include:Flute,Wipe cloth,Clean bar,Tool knife,Durable case,Stand