This Mugig Swan blues harmonica C is elegant and exquisite for professional players.

Swan is a great brand who has been dedicated in making harmonicas for decades. And Mugig is a professional music instrument distributor.

And this Blues harmonica was designed by both Swan and Mugig. If you are looking for quality and professional product this is the right choice for you.


Reed:phosphor bronze

Cover plate:stainless steel






The reed of this Mugig harmonica is welding on the seat plate above, compared to the fixed one,this harmonic’s pronunciation is more sensitive and more solid.

Each piece of reed have to go through fatigue test and other test to make sure it is durable and each reed would sound perfectly, before it is finished. Cleaning Routine and Maintenance Method:

1.Daily care:

Use a dry clean cloth to wipe it after each usage. And put it at a dry and windy place to dry it.

It is better if you use a little amount of alcohol to sterilize the harmonica.

2.Monthly Care(Deep Cleansing)

Put it into a bowl of water and then use a toothbrush to gently brush the cover plate and soundboard.

Then dry it at a cool dry place.

All the harmonicas we sell have a 6 months warranty,if you are not happy with what you get,please contact us we will make it right to you.

Product Features

  • C-Key Harmonica with 10 Holes and 20 Tones,Major C can plays a variety types of music including  blues, American folk music, classical music, jazz, country, and rock and roll
  • REED(Sound Spring): Using phosphor bronze which is more sensitive, and provides a better sound,especially for professional players
  • COVERPLATE: Using mirror stainless steel which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, also provides an elegant and exquisite appearance
  • SOUNDBOARD: Made of copper which plated with nickle giving it a smoother touch and offers a louder sound
  • PAKAGE:Instead of normal plastic to make the comb(case) we use resin which will not contains bad odder and environment friendly.The package contains a detailed instruction and a clean cloth