Mugig BM25,portable charger guitar amplifier,professional speaker,singing and singing for the guitar born
Mugig BM25,the box with trapezoidal design, 5 surface resonance reflection box

Colour: Fashion color(Wood grain+Brown PU leather)
Power: European standard power 25W,Peak power 40W
Speaker: 8″×1(Rubidium woofer),2″×1(Piezo tweeter)
1-Guitar input(Volume, delay, reverb, gain control)
2-Microphone input / instrument input(Volume, high frequency, reverb)
3-USB / MP3 signal input
Balance: Three-stage equalization, DSP digital effect (delay, reverberation)
Placement method: Vertical, horizontal, strap
Special function:Wireless Bluetooth, rechargeable lithium battery
Features: USB / MP3 input interface, headphone output interface, DI output interface
Net weight: 4 KG
Volume: 0.18 m3
Size: 335×245×230mm

Product Features

  • BM25 using two coaxial speaker,8″rubidium woofer and 2″ piezo tweeter,25watts output,class D digital amplifier,chip circuit,easy to play music
  • BM25 using the development for many years of MWP acoustic guitar audio circuit, the British classic acoustic guitar soundtrack, and join DELAY and REVERB the two DSP digital effects
  • BM25 using vocal processing chip, independent volume, treble, bass adjustment, independent human voice reverb, according to personal voice conditions to adjust the vocal
  • BM25 comes with Bluetooth 3.0 function, can be connected to mobile phones, tablet, computer and other Bluetooth-enabled equipment to play music, 8 kinds of sound options, 10 meters long-distance transmission
  • BM25 a monitor amp, can use with stand, MP3 input jacks, Aux input and DI output. Headphone jack for listening in private