Mugig ukulele, simple and small, but it will give you a completely different experience of music.

Easy to entry the world of music:
– A complete ukulele song takes only 10 minutes.
– No need to learn music theory, only need to find a spectrum can be trained.
– Especially suitable for children to music enlightenment.

Friendly to the fingers:
– Italian Aquila Nylon Strings on Mugig ukulele.
– Unlike the guitar hard to press, guarantees a protection of your fingers.

Mugig ukulele compact and portable for a variety of occasions.
Suits for both kids and adults.
Ukulele share happy moment with the people you love!
An ideal gift for the one you love!
Mobilization of the atmosphere, music enlightenment, Set a variety of functions in one Mugig ukulele!

Handle material: Okoume
Handleboard material: Rosewood
Body material: Rosewood
Nylons strings: Aquila
Size: 21inch (sporano ukulele)
Default setting: C
Bag in black

Package Included:

1x Ukulele
1x case
4x strings

Products we sell can be changed and refunded in six months.
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
We will try our best to solve the problems as soon as possible.
Have a fine day!

Product Features

  • Ukulele with the unique design and perfect details care.
  • This 21 inch high-quality mahogany body and rosewood fretboard provides ukulele a bright and warm sound.
  • Italian aquila nylon string of ukulele guarantees a protection of your fingers and fantastic acoustic quality.
  • This ukulele is pretty cute and suitable for children and adults; great gift for belobed.
  • 6 months warranty for the ukulele, with professional guidance for ukulele tuning and ukulele maintain if needed.