Our Tingshas are produced by craftsmen in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Each bell is molded using a combination of up to 12 metals. The primary substance is bell bronze, which is 80% copper and 20% other metals. Each Tingsha is hand tuned to a specific musical note. Tingshas are also graded in a process similar to Tibetan singing bowls. Quality casting is the most important factor. Tingshas are commonly used in Buddhist practices to clear the mind.

This set of Tingsha cymbals is heavy and durable, not light. These cymbals are of uncompromising quality at a very low price. Our collections of Tingshas are engraved with the Om Mani Padme Hum Tibetan mantra, dragons, Buddhist signs, or some styles are plain without symbols.

Tingshas are versatile and are used in a number of ways. Teachers use Tingshas to call for order in the classroom. Yoga teachers and meditation practitioners use Tingshas to open and end one session or to clear minds. Tingsha cymbals are also used in sound therapy. The sound is relaxing and peaceful to bring one’s attention within and slow the pace of your breath. When your mind begins to race, clink these bells together and the tone will instantly quiet your mind.

We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty for our Tingsha cymbals.

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Product Features

  • This Tingsha cymbal bell set is made from copper alloy in the Himalayan region of Nepal by Tibetan artisans. A tri-color wooden prayer beads mala with a Mandala charm is included. You are ready to begin your daily meditation or yoga practice with this chime set;
  • Tapping the two chimes together will make a lovely sound lasting about 15 seconds to 60 seconds. The tone can be soft or loud depending the force you use.
  • If you use the tingsha cymbals in mental awareness activities, sound therapy, Yoga meditation practices, or just daily lives, one tap is enough for everyone to listen, calm down, and clear their mind with the soothing sound.
  • Every Tingsha set is hand tuned to a music note. Mudra Crafts® also owns the brand, Hinky Imports, which is the earliest importer of Tingshas in the American market. Our history and expertise guarantee you the best price and impeccable quality;
  • Every Tingsha set is packed with a Mudra Crafts® box; Mudra Crafts® is a registered and approved brand with the USPTO. Mandala Crafts is the owner and the only distributor. We offer a 30-day no questions asked money back warranty for our Tingsha cymbals.