Looking for instrument that can easily attract kids’ attention? Have this Moukey Two-Tone Bar Chime!
Kids would deeply get interested because of its exquisite appearance and especially appealing sounds: when beaten, it emits clear, ringing and long lingering sounds that would quickly attract kids’ attention and interest, guiding them to find, feel and touch it. Then they can easily play it with the included mallet, enjoying the fun of music themselves.

*Besides bringing fun, this attractive percussion also helps kids develop concentration and a sense of music.
*Save all your worries: it’s made of firm and solid materials but of perfect size and lightweight for kids to hold; surfaces and edges are carefully smoothed and polished to prevent kids from being hurt when playing.
*It can also be used by adults in meditation or yoga class, or by teachers to capture students’ attention in a noisy classroom. Particularly, this Two-Tone Bar Chime can be used by special groups such as elderly or patients with limited mobility to ask for help.

Package Contents:
1*Two-Tone Bar Chime
1*Wooden Mallet

30 days unconditional money return. If you find some quality problems of the product received or just feel unsatisfied with it for any reasons, just return it within 30days for a full refund.

Product Features

  • DURABLE AND EXQUISITE. It’s made of high grade white oak base and two silver-colored alumina tubes, which ensure high durability and exquisite appearance.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS. It’s made in perfect size, weight and design for kids to hold and play. Surfaces and edges are specially smoothed and polished to avoid hurt.
  • GREAT QUALITY AND SOUNDS. Emits clear, long lingering sounds when beaten. Great materials, well-knit construction and careful tuning procedures ensure excellent sound and quality.
  • PLAY INDIVIDUALLY OR WITH OTHER PERCUSSIONS. It can be played singly or in group with other percussions, which make music performance effects more colorful and attractive.
  • ALSO GREAT FOR ADULTS. Featuring lingering ringing sounds, it’s also perfect for adults/teachers to use as meditation bell or responsive classroom bell. Also good for special groups such as elderly or patients with limited mobility.