Looking for easy-to-play first instrument to your kids to have fun and begin music-learning journey? Moukey 5.9″ Plastic Maracas must be your smartest choice since it has perfect size, great design, high quality, easy-playing method and lovely sounds!

Package includes a pair of maracas. Each of Moukey 5.9’’ Plastic Maracas features a short stick for holding and an egg-shaped shaker for shaking. Sounds produced by the shaker are greatly clear and pronounced to attract kid’s interest.
Playing method is super easy: hold the short stick part in hand, slightly or heavily shake it, the shaker part would emit sounds in rhythm accordingly. The pair of maracas can be played singly or in pairs, individually or with other percussion (with other kids). Kids can freely play and enjoy it alone without adults’ instruction. And in addition, don’t worry about kids getting bored of this Maracas Pair quickly since the exquisite beautiful appearance (positive bright yellow) and lovely sounds would always attract and keep kids’ attention and interest!
Just don’t hesitate to have this lovely Moukey Maracas Pair for your kids!

30 days unconditional money return. If you find some quality problems of the product received or just feel unsatisfied with it for any reasons, just return it within 30days for a full refund.

Product Features

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR KIDS. Dimensions: Full Length: 5.9 inches (15cm), Diameter of the Egg-shaped Shaker Ball: 6cm. Comes in pair.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS. Maracas of traditional shape with high quality plastic shell and handle and tiny steel grits inside. Greatly Durable.
  • EASY-TO-PLAY AS FIRST INSTRUMENT. It’s easy to play just by shaking, being perfect for learning rhythms. Kids can freely play and enjoy it without adults’ instruction.
  • GREAT SOUND EFFECT. Produces clear and pronounced traditional maracas sounds when shaken. Can easily attract kids’ interest and attention, good for improving kids’ concentration.
  • GUARANTEED HIGH QUALITY. Great materials, professional producing skills and strict testing procedures ensure that the maracas pair is of great sound and quality.30 days unconditional money return.