If you’re searching for big, fat, ripping synth sounds you probably haven’t tried a Moog analog synthesizer like the Minitaur yet. The only reason people even use words like “warm”, “fat”, and “searing” when talking about analog synths is because Moog has set that sonic standard for decades. Basically, the Moog Minitaur is a desktop analog synth module that packs the huge sound of Moog’s legendary synths into a compact unit that’s perfect for home studio production and live performance. The all-analog design is perfect for creating unique lead and bass sounds, and the combination of USB, MIDI, and CV control inputs make it easy to add the Minitaur to your existing setup no matter what other gear you use. You can even use the Minitaur to process external audio sounds, opening even more creative possibilities. So if you’re ready to take your synth sounds to the next level with a distinct analog vibe, accept no substitutes – grab the Moog Minitaur analog synth module!

Product Features

  • • One knob per function interface for tweaking and creating new sounds on the fly. It also makes live performance a blast.
  • • Two oscillators with Sawtooth (Original Taurus) and Square wave-shapes for each VCO. Recreate sounds of the original Taurus with Sawtooth waves, or create new sounds with square waves or a combination of both.
  • • 2 Mixer VCAs for VCO levels control of Oscillators 1 and 2.
  • • Moog Ladder Filter with adjustable resonance delivers classic Taurus 1 and 3 bass and boom.
  • • Midi-syncable LFO with Controls for Rate, VCO LFO Amount, and VCF LFO Amount