Enjoy the advantages of electronic drums using this Electronic Drum Kit from Monoprice! Electronic drums have several advantages over their acoustic counterparts. They are smaller and more portable than acoustic kits, they can produce a wider range of sounds and tones than with a traditional kit, and they are perfect for practice in areas or times where it would be impossible to do so with an acoustic kit. Additionally, they are ideal for recording work, as you can record off the output, rather than having to deal with microphones and stands, as with an acoustic kit. This electronic drum kit features a single bass drum, a snare, three toms, a hi-hat with foot pedal, and a pair of crash/ride cymbals. The snare and crash/ride cymbals feature dual triggers – one on the main pad and one on the rim. This allows you to play exactly as you would with a traditional acoustic kit. The control module includes 20 preset drum kits and 20 practice demos. It also has memory for storing an additional 20 drum kit setups. There are 280 different voices, any of which can be assigned to any pad or rim. In addition to the 1/4″ inputs from the pads, the controller features a pair of 1/4″ line outputs, a 1/4″ headphones output, a 1/4″ line input, and a 5-pin DIN MIDI output jack.

Product Features

  • Snare drum pad with dual-triggers (RIM), plus three tom drum pads
  • Crash and ride cymbal pads with dual-triggers (RIM)
  • Twenty preset drum kits and twenty memory slots for user-defined drum kits
  • Hi-hat cymbal pad with foot pedal
  • Kick drum pad with foot pedal