Please measure your size with vernier before purchasing.
Mostly the endpin is 10mm diameter but some has 9.9 or 9.8mm diameter.
This is only available for 10mm diameter;
you need to have Holder if it is not fit to your instrument.
Holder is not attached to endpin.
For the size of endpin please ask repairman.
Although our endpin shows some sound trend,
the sound will depends on condition of player and instrument.
How to treat endpin.
The endpin is precisely structured.
Please treat endpin gently like instrument and avoid the shock.
Mitsuke Precision Manufacturing, a precision instruments
manufacturer and producer of audio components,
is the leading manufacturer of end pins in Japan.
Produced from a proprietary combination of metals,
it enables a beautiful sound from musical instruments.
Developed by a cellist, the Mitsuke endpin has demonstrated to significantly improve sound.
Many famous cellists and bassists are using the Mitsuke end pin.
Realize a large improvement in the sound quality from your instrument
with the small price of a Mitsuke end pin.

Product Features

  • Three layers- inner core made of tungsten, surrounded by layer of titanium and brass.
  • Sounds very shiny and bright but also has heavy power.
  • High speed response .A lot of sonority.
  • Makes instrument resonate powerfully so that it can be felt while playing in the orchestra.
  • This is suitable for an professional.