This package includes the Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba with Hard Case.The Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba is a solid instrument with a larger bell and bore that produces a big, dark sound, with minimal effort. The S191 features a .835″ bore design for a quick response with excellent intonation, plus an 18.5″ upright bell for outstanding resonance and projection. The Miraphone S191 Series 4-Valve BBb Tuba is available in a yellow or gold brass design.The Miraphone S191 is a compact instrument, designed to be easier to hold and carry. The features of this instrument are many. It has a large, dark sound that is very easy to produce. The large bell and bore make it easy to play with a big sound with little effort on the part of the player. For a piston valve model of this instrument please see the Miraphone 1291.

Product Features

  • Key: BBbSize: 5/4Bore: .835-inchBell: 18.5-inchBell Material: Yellow Brass or Gold BrassBell Position: UprightNumber of Valves: 4 or 5Valve Type: RotaryValve Material: BrassFeatures: Compact Body StyleCase: NOMouthpiece: Miraphone TU33Finish: Lacquer