Material: Plastic
Package Included:1 x Ocean Drum&2 x Wrist Rattles&2 x Rainmaker
Your baby or toddler can watch and play with the Wrist Rattle & Miusic toy with the nice sound and bright color toy! It is a great gift for your baby.
Baby rainmaker rattle toy supplies early education for learning and discovering colours, sounds and movements.
Sea Drum Use:
Use the drum side flat, on the side of the ear, gently side out of a small angle, the small beads in the drum will roll from the high end of the low side, the process of rolling will issue rushing sound, Very much like the sound of the sea waves.
Wrist Rattles Use:
Will be set on the baby’s wrist on the wrist, a small manual action, the bell will sound, to exercise your baby’s hearing, to attract the baby’s attention!Encourage baby to reach and grab, awakening muscles!
Rainmaker Use:
Upside down rainmaker, colorful beads falling friction to create a rain.

Product Features

  • A Drum,A pair of Wrist Rattles,Two packs Rainmaker
  • Drum Gentle Sea Sound Musical , making baby enjoy the sound of the beautiful blue sea
  • Rainmaker toy makes the soothing sound and falling like rain when turning
  • Velcro wrist rattles ,smoothly polished , won’t hurt baby’s skin
  • Suitable for 12 month older child,easy to catch and shake,make lots of funny for kids