Miller Browne Flute Bb 6 Keys Slide head 6 key marching flute in Bb by Barnes & Mullin. The specifications of Miller Browne flutes are based on years of experience in supplying service units and marching bands in all parts of the world. This very popular marching flute offers great value for money, with good tone and sound projection. It is well designed and built to withstand the rigours of a busy musician’s life. Suitable for wide variety of performance situations, and for practising at home.

Manufactured from a new material, practically unbreakable which has tonal quality and appearance of African blackwood. All keys, pillars and ferrules are made from nickel silver.

Product Features

  • Six Key Flute
  • High Pitch B Flat Model
  • Nickel Siver Keys, Pillars and Ferrules
  • Slide Head
  • Ideal For Marching Bands