Simple elegance… this lightning-fast double chain drive pedal is what a bass drum pedal should be. From the Art Deco foot board and heel plate, to the black floor plate, this pedal exudes class. The liquid-smooth bearings and hemispherical cam allow for anything from the lightest, most intricate footwork to the most aggressive attack. The slave unit uses the same technology for play equal to that of the primary pedal. MDBP features a contoured hoop, microtune hoop adjustment, adjustable hoop brace, and offset hoop clamp arm to accommodate all types of metal and wooden hoops. Finally, the adjustable spring can be locked into place with the fixed memory housing – allowing consistent, accurate repeated delivery for the twin-surface beater.

Product Features

  • Rapid, responsive pedal action
  • Solid, tour-quality construction
  • Distinctive Art Deco Mercury logo design on footboard
  • Twin-surface beater
  • Drum key (included) attached to floor plate