Body Cover:Resin
Seat plate :1.0mm stainless steel
Reed : phosphor bronze
Carrying case: Oxford cloth
Net weight:650g
How to hold the mouthpiece:
Don’t bite by foretooth.Hold it front of foretooth by lips tightly to avoid to leak out the breath.

Two playing modes:
1.Playing in standing:
Insert four fingers(little to forefinger)into Strap put thumb on outside of Strap.

2.Playing on a table:
Your performance will be made easier by supporting the long pipe lightly with your hand.

Please clean your mouth and hands before playing
1.You may hurt your friend’s face if you swing your long pipe mouthpiece around.
2.Keep your Melodion away from the heat.
3.Don’t put your Melodion in the car, by the side of oven, or under the strong sun, otherwise your Melodion may be damaged.
4.Don’t wipe your Melodion with thinner or benzine which will cause damage of it.

Package including:
1 x 37 Keys melodica
1 x Short mouthpiece
1 x long pipe mouthpiece
1 x blue carrying bag
1 x user manual(instruction in English/Chinese/Japanese)
1 x Cahaya dust cloth

Product Features

  • ♬Smooth, Responsive Piano Keyboard: You can play chords and single notes,sharps and flats just like a piano,though it has a smaller range.
  • ♬Convenient to carry: You can bring it easily with a zipper carrying case and a strap in the melodica,
  • ♬Safety and Harmless: The body is made from ABS non-toxic engineering resin which is healthy and safe.
  • ♬Complication:Suitable for instrumental music instruction,music playing, music learning.
  • ♬Compact Design – With the short mouthpiece, you can slide your hand under the strap and play with the other.