Connect with your cajon on an entirely new level with the Cajon Pedal from MEINL Percussion. This pedal leaves your hands unrestricted to play patterns while keeping steady kick drum rhythms beneath. The soft beater, smooth horizontal cable, and cradle-like mount combined with dual adjustable spring tension gives you a buttery and stable feel beneath your foot, allowing you to create an infinite amount of grooves with total relaxation. Located on both the pedal and beater mount are adjustable springs that allow you to dial-in the amount of response you require. Double strokes come effortlessly and dynamics are easy to control. The cable system is positioned horizontally to give the beater the best reaction time while relieving the cable of any tension areas. Heavy duty spurs are located on contact points with the ground to prevent slippage and may be threaded all the way in or out for different types of flooring. Convert your cajon into a kick drum with the Meinl Cajon Pedal!

Product Features

  • Soft beater is designed specifically to get optimal bass tones from a cajon
  • Cradle-like mount fits all common cajons and delivers superb stability
  • The ultra-smooth and durable cable is positioned horizontally to relieve the system of tension
  • Fully adjustable springs on both the pedal and the mount give you a light and relaxed feel
  • The double chain drive pedal features an adjustable cam that allows players to decide how much speed and volume best suites their needs
  • Threaded spurs are located on contact points with the ground to prevent slippage
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