MEINL Touring Headed Wood Tambourines are outfitted with the finest True Feel Synthetic Head for outstanding sound quality and durability. Available in one or two row versions with black plated steel jingles, this model tambourine delivers a bright, shimmering response with full resonance from the pre-tuned synthetic head and sturdy wooden frame. The synthetic head is great for extended road use and outdoor playing while delivering outstanding tones. The black plated steel jingles have a very bright, high-pitched cutting sound with a light sustain. Headed tambourines are ideal for adding a multitude of sound possibilities from playing as a hand drum to using the head to implement sound effects such as finger rolls and pitch bending techniques. The head also helps to compose the overall resonance of the tambourine.

Product Features

  • Double row black plated steel jingles (38mm)
  • Pre-tuned True Feel synthetic head
  • 10″ wooden frame
  • Red finish
  • Cutting sound projection