This pre-bundled set of top-selling percussion instruments includes an artist series Luis Conte signature shaker, handheld compact tambourine, and a pair of classic claves. These instruments are perfect for accenting and Layering grooves while playing a Cajon.

Product Features

  • LAYER YOUR GROOVES: Included in this pack are Meinl’s best-selling artist series shaker, handheld tambourine, and best-selling classic claves. Each piece in this percussion pack is designed to offer a new element to your grooves. Great for any skill level, these instruments are ready to play right out of the box.
  • PERFECT ALL-AROUND SHAKER: The Meinl Artist Series Shaker was designed by master percussionist Luis Conte. Its silky sound is a result of its design, which is actually two individual shakers connected as one. It delivers ultra-smooth percussive colors that can blend well and cut at the same time, responding beautifully at any dynamic.
  • DURABLE AND COMPACT TAMBOURINE: The Meinl 8″ Tour Tambourine features a compact size for energetic playing, an extra wide grip, and a durable ABS plastic frame for use in any situation. Features 1 row of stainless steel jingles for a shimmering sound. Perfect for live shows, recording, worship services, or jam sessions.
  • CLASSIC HARDWOOD CLAVES, SOLD IN PAIRS: The Meinl Classic Hardwood Claves deliver bright, resounding, and rich tones that have cut and clarity. Essential for Afro-Latin rhythms and applicable in virtually any style, claves are the perfect percussion instrument to create polyrhythms, straight beats, or to use for sound effects.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR MEINL WARRANTY: Meinl instruments carry a two year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.