From Meinl Percussion is the Cajon accessory pack. This pre-bundled set of top-selling percussion instruments includes a Foot tambourine, egg shaker set, plus free aluminum finger jingles. These instruments are perfect for accenting and Layering grooves while playing a Cajon.

Product Features

  • LAYER YOUR CAJON GROOVES: Each instrument in the Cajon Accessory Pack is designed to offer a new element to your grooves. Use all three simultaneously while playing on a cajon to sound like a percussion ensemble. Great for using individually to accent beats as well.
  • LIGHT JINGLE SOUNDS WITH THE TAP OF YOUR FOOT: The Meinl Foot Tambourine delivers a light jingle sound with a tap of the foot and has applications in practically any musical setting, especially acoustic sets with a cajon.
  • PACK OF 4 EGG SHAKERS WITH DIFFERENT SOUNDS: The multi-color Egg Shaker set from Meinl Percussion contains four egg shakers with varying volume levels: soft, medium, loud, and extra loud. The volumes are printed on the back of each egg shaker.
  • FREE ALUMINUM FINGER JINGLES: A sturdy and comfortable strap secures two steel jingle pairs to your fingers for another layer of sound without having to do any extra work. The MEINL Finger Jingles add a bright jingle accent to your playing whenever you strike the surface of a cajon, djembe, bongo, conga, or any other percussion instrument players see fit.
  • FITS EASILY IN AN INSTRUMENT BAG OR CASE: Add all new dimensions of percussive rhythms to your acoustic set without taking up too much space in a gig bag. These items fit comfortably in any common drum stick bag.