The MEINL Headliner Hihat Tambourine is a jingle accent that mounts on any hihat stand. The secure hardware assures a solid grip with an easy access wing nut that allows for quick set-up, adjustment, or removal, completely independent from your cymbals. Steel jingles deliver crisp and cutting accents that respond beautifully when using the hihat stand pedal and striking with a stick. A padded rubber playing surface helps to eliminate stick sound, allowing only the jingle accents to come through. Due to the sturdy construction, this handy accessory will stay silent when you want it to. Add some percussive spice to your playing without taking up too much space in your gig bag!

Product Features

  • Easily mountable
  • Steel jingles, 1 row
  • 5 inch diameter
  • Padded rubber surface
  • Light, crisp accent