The Meinl heel tambourine provides a hands free option for adding a little jingle to your grooves. Fitting in your shoe, just like a shoehorn, simply slip it in and start tapping your foot. The stainless steel jingles provide a bright and full sound, making it the perfect accessory for drummers, percussionists, guitarists, and singer/songwriters.

Product Features

  • Light jingle sound: the four pairs of steel jingles deliver a light jingle sound with a tap of the foot and has applications in practically any musical setting, especially acoustic sets with a cajon
  • Easy to take on and off: use the shoehorn design to quickly and comfortably slip the heel tambourine on and off as desired throughout your set
  • Durable body: a durable hardwood body and strong nylon elastic strap ensure the heel tambourine remains secure as you play
  • Hands off playing: the heel tambourine is a great way for percussionists to layer their grooves and explore new rhythmic ideas
  • Perfect for singers/songwriters: if you’re an instrumentalist or singer/songwriter wanting to play percussion, the heel tambourine blends perfectly with the volume of an acoustic guitar and vocals