Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany, the MEINL Headliner Series djembe with hand painted flower design features the traditional Mali-Weave rope tuning system. The rope tuning with hand selected goat skin head give the djembe a warm, full bodied tone. MEINL Headliner djembes have outstanding acoustic properties reaching from deep, resonant bass notes to cutting, high-pitched slaps, and are ready to pick up and play right out of the box. For added protection of your instrument, MEINL specializes in carrying bags for their percussion products. The MEINL djembe gig bag (Model# MSTDJB) is perfect for all djembe sizes and is equipped with heavy duty nylon stitching and a strong shoulder strap.

Product Features

  • Carved from one solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood
  • Hand selected goat skin heads
  • Pre-stretched nylon tuning ropes in the traditional Mali-Weave tuning system
  • 10-inch playing surface
  • Great for any live acoustic performance and an excellent drum for spontaneous jam sessions or drum circles