These Rubber Wood cajons feature an internal system of strings that span from the top to the bottom of the playing surface to deliver a sensitive rattle that acts as a snare effect.  The strings are fully adjustable for different tastes.  Simply tighten or loosen the two screws at the bottom of the cajon with the allen wrench provided to find your characteristic voice.  A deep and boom Rubber Wood front plate in Rojo Tiger Stripe finish provides the basis for rich sound development and an exotic appearance.  This durable playing surface delivers a full bass spectrum, cutting snare slaps, and responds beautifully to soft finger rolls.  The top corners of the front plate are adjustable by tightening or loosening the screws – another feature from Meinl that allows you to completely customize your stylistic palate.  This will alter the distance between the front plate corner and cajon body, resulting in a varied amount of “slap” sound.  The Rojo Tiger Stripe finish Rubber Wood resonating body has solid construction and excellent tonal qualities that broaden your bass notes and focus your rolls and corner hits to take your beats to the next level, leaving you feeling inspired to play more.   Meinl Headliner Series Cajons are ideal for any skill level and musician.  Their wide range of sounds, ease of use and musicality make these cajons more than capable to integrate into your main act, live or in the studio.

Product Features

  • Adjustable top front plate corners for desired amount of ‘slap’ sound
  • Internal adjustable strings for a crisp snare effect
  • MDF composite resonating body and Rubber Wood front plate for deep bass tones
  • Rojo Tiger Stripe resonating body and front plate
  • Four stable rubber feet provide stability while allowing the cajon to resonate to its fullest