The Meinl Essential Perc Pack with FREE Artist Series Shaker is a versatile and musical bundle of hand percussion instruments for any situation and skill level. These items are well suited to integrate into your main act, whether you are a percussionist, drummer, or any other musician/vocalist who wishes to add rhythmic color to your music. The FREE Artist Series Shaker, designed by master percussionist Luis Conte, is the most popular shaker from Meinl Percussion. It delivers a sensitive, silky smooth sound with plenty of clarity and cut. This pack is ideal to use during acoustic gigs with a cajon, djembe, bongos or congas, but has applications in louder live settings and in the studio. The range of styles covered by these core hand percussion instruments from Meinl is turn key to developing your sound. From Samba to Fusion and Gospel to Rock, the versatility of these durable instruments makes them fun and easy to incorporate into any setting. Music educators will also find this to be a vital set of instruments to have in their percussion department. Enjoy discovering new rhythmic voices with the Meinl Essential Perc Pack!

Product Features

  • Includes Single Row Wood Tambourine with Steel Jingles, Classic Hardwood Claves, Mountable Steel Cowbell, Small Turbo Cabasa, Natural Wood Cowbell Beater, and a FREE Luis Conte Artist Series Shaker
  • Ideal percussion accessories to play with a cajon, djembe, bongos, and congas
  • Perfect to use during acoustic sets, but has applications in loud live settings and in the studio
  • Guitar players and vocalists will also find these instruments handy in adding rhythm to their music
  • Packaged in one box