Not just for timekeepers, the MEINL BassBoX is an excellent addition for any guitarist or singer/songwriter looking to add rhythm to their music. Punchy low end and immense bass notes provide a thumping foundation to your music. The BassBoX is playable from a standing or sitting position. The attached aluminum rail will mount any common foot pedal. Included is an L-shaped MEINL bass beater specifically designed for the BassBoX.

Product Features

  • The Meinl Bassbox is a large acoustic stomp box that creates a deep bass sound when played with the foot
  • Includes a special L-shaped beater that hits the Bassbox flush on the top playing surface
  • Pedal is not included, but the Bassbox is equipped with a secure attachment that allows players to easily mount any common bass drum pedal to the instrument
  • Playable from a standing or sitting position and may be used by any musician or vocalist
  • Rubber wood construction for a strong natural resonance
  • Inside the Bassbox are several muffling strips attached to the underside of the playing surface to reduce the amount of overtones