The MEINL Artisan Edition Peruvian Cajons are hand made in Peru, where the cajon originated. These beautiful instruments offer truly authentic cajon sounds to satisfy the most demanding players. Every detail has been elaborated and refined for the sole aim of creating the purest sound and best performance possible. Dovetail joinery construction is used for a detailed traditional look. Each model is carefully crafted using different combinations of hand selected woods for unsurpassed sound quality and finished for an elegant appearance. Earthy lows and cutting slaps are easily achievable with each model. The MEINL traditional Peruvian style cajon is made without internal strings.

Product Features

  • Traditional Peruvian cajon without integrated strings
  • Adjustable top corners for desired amount of ‘slap’ sound
  • Dovetail joint construction
  • Thick resonating body and thin front plate
  • Handmade in Peru