The Meinl African Bougarabou is proudly made in the tradition of the Jola people of southern Senegal. This classic bougarabou features an elongated goblet-shaped body carved from single log of plantation-grown Mahagony Wood. The body is deeper and narrower than the Djembe. The Bougarabou is carefully shaped for a perfect bearing edge and proper interior contours and fitted with a hand-selected cow skin head. This is important for its proper full rounded sound with crisp bright accents. It has intricately hand carved designs and is finished in matte Brown. The Meinl African Bougarabou has the traditional Mali-Weave tuning system with pre-stretched HTP rope, and 22 vertical runners. It can be played with traditional conga or djembe techniques. The Meinl African Bougarabou fits in our MDJB-M professional quality Djembe bag. The bag is specially constructed from heavy duty nylon with a side pocket and super-sturdy zippers. If the bag is too much protection, try our Professional Djembe Caps. These are elasticized covers to protect the head and bearing portions of the Bougarabou. They are very sturdy, compact, and easy to use. The Bougarabou may be played on our ST-DJEMBE Steely 2 stand or on our TMD Professional Djembe stand.

Product Features

  • Carved from solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany Wood
  • Hand selected cow head
  • Pre-stretched HTP nylon rope
  • Intricate carving