MEFE MS -1 uses digital UHF radio frequency wireless transmission technology, with strong anti-interferenceability, through the obstacles of strong, stable transmission BuKa etc in order to avoid signal attenuation, wireless system should be close to acting area as far as possible, and with a large metal, metope, scaffolding and other objects at least keep a distance of 1.5 meters, and as far as possible to ensure thatthe between transmitter and receiver are empty signal direct way.


Dynamic range: >=90dB 

Latency: < 2 ms

Channel: 100 channels 

Distortion: <=0.5%

Transmitting power: 15dBm 

Transmission distance: 50m

Reception sensitivity: < -110dbm@20dbsinad 

Full working hours: 5hours

Signal-to-noise ratio: >=85dB 

Charging time: about 2.5hours (5V1Aadapter)

System frequency response: 30〜18KHz 

Frequency range: 500-940 fTlhZ(specific range varies from region to region)


1. This product has been set by default before delivery and can be used directly after starting up. If the product can’t be used directly, try to reset the code.

2. When multiple sets of equipment are used at the same time, it is possible to use the same frequency and may interfere with each other, if there is interference, you can press the channel button to switch channels.

3. When a transmitter connected with multiple receiver or transmitter and receiver are not the original equipment can be long press on the code button to red light flashing, when transmitting terminal and receiving end normally on a green light, namely to code success!

Package Included:

1 * Transmitter

1 * Receiver

1 * Dual-ended USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • 🎸Outstanding Transmission: 50m long range, stable signal, delay<2ms, sampling frequency is 24bit/48kHz, high frequency response range: 30~18KHz
  • 🎸UHF Radio Technology: Wireless UHF technology could support multiple equipments simultaneously with strong anti-interference. 100 Channels for more devices, automatically match unoccupied channels when press the key on transmitter.
  • 🎸Rechargeable: Built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery, sustainable use for more than 5 hours. Power indicator display clearly and Dual-end USB cables with package, in case of power off.
  • 🎸Widely Use: 220°rotatable plug, apply to all audio equipment with 6.36mm jack, including stratocaster guitar with rocker,etc. Runs well with active pickups
  • 🎸Warranty: 2 years. If you are not satisfied with the product, we will replace it or full refund. Promise you 100% SATISFACTION