The oboe was originally formed in the middle of the 17th century and was widely used in the 18th century. The oboe is often played in the band as the main melody, is an excellent solo instrument, but also good at ensemble and accompaniment. This oboe has luxury grenadilla wood body,the ket are plated with silver and with high stability and durability of the pad from French. It is for beginner students or playing level.

Accessories: 1*Cork Grease, 1*Soft Cleaning Cloth, 1*Reeds, 1*Inner Cleaning Cloth

Care instructions:
after the instrument is used up, to clean the water in the body, wipe the water inside the tube body. The wet mat can be removed with a water-absorbent paper between the sound hole and the key, Then us the cloth to wipe off the dirt with the sound hole on the key sub. Always see if the screws are loose, if found loose, tighten in time to prevent loss.
We guarantee, 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects!!!

Product Features

  • GRENADILLA WOOD – The oboe body is made of African grenadilla wood and the voice was rich, melodious.
  • SILVER-PLATED KEY – White copper button appearance silver. Strong and difficult to deformation.
  • SOUND HOLE – Precise positioning sound hole to ensure that the pitch is very accurate, the keys are neatly arranged for people’s gestures, can make playing more smoothly
  • ADJUSTABLE THUMB CARE – According to the player hand to adjust the instrument angle, to prevent fatigue.
  • PACKING – Built-in card slot, compact fit, the use of high-grade shockproof materials, to avoid damage to the oboe in the transport, better protection of musical instruments.