Zen Meditation-Find your Inner Peace
Ding, with a simple strike of the wooden mallet a wondrous tone is released, lasting to 10 seconds echo, the swirling resolution never seems to end.
A calming way to begin your meditation, makes you get away of noisy city life, clearly hear the sound of your heartbeat, a good tool for Yoga meditation.
Attention Attracting Percussion Instrument
The chime emits crisp and beautiful sound, wakes up your ears, triggers sensitive hearing of a new born baby, helps children cultivate their musical talent
The calm yet attention-getting bell, gently strike produces single but powerful voice. A good helper to attract students’ attention in classroom for teachers

Brand: Ehome
Wood Material: Cherry finish ash wood
Wood Base Size: 6.81×1.54×0.79 inch
Rod Material: Aluminum/Titanium alloy
Rod Length: 5.7 inch
Rod Diameter: 0.4 inch
Distance between wood base and rod: 0.24 inch

Package Contents:
1× Meditation Chime
1× Hardwood Mallet

Product Features

  • 1. Trio Chime: 1 Aluminum/Titanium alloy rods, fixed to a wood base, comes with wood mallet, exquisite and durable
  • 2. Meditation Chime: 9 seconds long lasting echo, perfect percussion chime for yoga, mindfulness exercises and sound therapy
  • 3. Unique Instrument: Gently tapping, the chime emits a crisp sound, children’s best music enlightenment instrument
  • 4. Remind Bell: Emits loud “Ding”, calming yet attention-getting, effectively attracts students’ attention in classroom
  • 5. After-sale: We promise every Ehome product 2 years warranty for quality issues, please purchase with confidence