This exquisite and simple percussion instrument can train children’s hearing and strengthen children’s music cultivation and understanding. 

Let children combine learning with physical exercise to stimulate their interest in learning and develop self-confidence and performance.

The long and gentle music is also suitable for adults. It gives people a sense of meditation. 

When praying and practicing yoga, it is refreshing, focused and feels the power of tranquility.

Package List: 

1 x Energy chime bar

1 x Mallet 

Can be used as:

Classroom chime

Meeting chime

Mindfulness chime

Meditation chime

Yoga chime

Product Features

  • Trio Chime: 1 Aluminum/Titanium alloy rods, fixed to a wood base, comes with wood mallet, exquisite and durable.
  • Soothing voice: Calming yet attention-getting, good for classroom management.
  • Meditation Chime: Emits a soothing echo that relaxes and re-energizes, perfect for meditation or mindfulness.
  • Music Enlightenment: A great simple music device that helps children develop music sense.
  • After-sales waranty: 12 months worry-free shopping, the best after-sales service.