Meditation Accessory Japanese Rin Gong Singing Bowl Set 4.2″ dia with Cushion & Brocade Striker – Brown Gold

Product Features

  • Japanese rin gongs, also known as ‘singing bowls,’ are spun-lathed and tooled in smooth, finely toned solid polished brass.
  • The pure melodic sound produced is ideal for opening and closing meditation or simply to provoke a sense of peace and relaxation.
  • One can strike the gongs for a pure melodic sound or encircle the rims with the striker to produce continuous peaceful echoing tone.
  • Our ring gong sets come with a striker and a beautiful silk cushion which holds the bowl in a manner that allows the purity of the reverberation of sound.
  • The singing bowl measures 4.2″ dia., silk cushion 5″ sq. brocade striker 4.5″ long. The square silk cushion and striker are beautifully crafted by Boon Décor.