Martin Smith – Guitars of Distinction Martin Smith guitars are the preferred choice for thousands of guitarists. Designed especially for students, this full size steel strung guitar comes complete with a strap, spare strings, plectrums and free online lessons The Body The W-100 guitar has a full size 39″ body perfectly contoured for a comfortable playing position with a singular bottom peg to attach your strap. Built to a high standard and featuring a hi-gloss finish, the W-100 guitar looks distinctive and resonates with rich sounds. The guitar also features a truss rod, allowing the woods natural shape to be adjusted prolonging the life of your musical instrument. The Hardware The Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar comes steel strung, up to geared machine heads. These help keep the guitar tuned for longer and minimize the risk of the strings breaking when tuning due to their controlled action. Plectrums and Spare Strings All Martin Smith guitars come complete with plectrums and spare strings so that if the strings snap you can restring your instrument without the need to purchase anything else. Step by step instructions on how to re-string a guitar is also included 2″ Webbing Guitar Strap The included webbing strap is a must have for any guitarist. Made from durable material, the 2″ wide strap is fully adjustable from 78cm – 142cm to suit all sizes Specification Body: Basswood Maple Construction: Bolt-on Neck: Rosewood Fingerboard: Rosewood Hardware: Chrome Finish: Hi-gloss

Product Features

  • Steel Strung Full Scale Neck
  • Slim line Contoured Body for Comfortable Playability and a Rich Tone
  • Includes strap to ease playing on the road
  • Includes additional strings and picks
  • Free Online Lessons