Percussion is a positive, healthy introduction to music for kids. Rhythm is the foundation of all music making.
These maracas are a nice instrument for your child to start in music, helps children develop a sense of rhythm and music. The maracas are smooth and durable for years of playing. A great product for the starting percussionist. Includes 2 maracas in each package.
Each maraca measures 8 inches long. Made of wood; Hand decorated and fun noisemakers for a Fiesta!
We encourage little musicians to play with more autonomy and pleasure. This Pair of maracitos (Set of 2) produces a perfect, full chick-chick sound. Your child will get an introduction to harmony, work on rhythms, and learn to make music. Give these maracas musical instruments as party favors! Shake things up at any party!

Product Features

  • These classic maracas and traditional natural noisemakers are fun and entertaining musical instrument , noisy-making toys.
  • Hand maracas out as party favors or liven up your fiesta with the maracas as a decoration.
  • This pair of wooden color maracas are perfect musical addition for any dance or festival.
  • These wooden maracas are sturdier than plastic maracas. The set includes 2 easy grip maracas in one package.
  • Size of maraca: about 8 inches (20 cm) in length, and approx. 2 inches (5.5 cm) in diameter This Pair of maracitos (Set of 2)