The most difficult task in the World is to hold a pair of maracas and resist the impulse to shake them. Try it. Take a pair of these, and within of seconds you will shake them at your own beat.

Product Features

  • Offered in matched pairs of one high pitch and one low pitch, this variation in pitch is the way maracas were historically designed to produce the classic maraca sound.
  • With these maracas sit comfortably in any mix of sound with minimal effort. Their durable plastic shells create plenty of volume along with the filling inside. Perfect for small acoustic sets or large venues
  • Useful in live or studio settings, maracas are a great way to add dimension to your music. Meinl concert maracas are ready to play right out of the box. Anyone on stage can pick up and play, regardless of skill level
  • Traditionally a Latin instrument, these maracas are used in all styles of music to cut through live performances. They offer bright, loud sound with vibrant, plastic shells and wood handles.
  • Maracas are perfect for bands, Samba, Tango and Rhumba dances, use in classrooms, youth groups, outdoor gatherings, drum circles and even in the recording studio