Try to not shake these Maracas while holding them! It is impossible!!

Provide Large Latin Percussion Shakers With Crisp Sound

•   Are you done with small, quiet, low quality Maracas?
•   Do you need something extraordinary on your next party?

Large Wood, Bright and Colorful Maracas

These neat maracas will turn your friend’s heads. They will be asking you where you got them.

Loud and authentic Rumba Shaker with strong body

•   Can provide a superior and vibrand sound quality for live music performances.
•   Ergonomically feature curved handle grips and hand painted.
•   Rumba shakers that are calling for attention.

The manufacturer, Sanowan, offers a Lifetime Money-back Warranty!

These beautiful Maracas are going fast at this price. Go click and safe your shake stimulation shac-shacs.

Product Features

  • FINALLY THE MARACAS that you were searching for, a PERFECT MUSICAL INSTRUMENT for a hand percussion that determines the rhythm in a group
  • LARGE SIZED SOLID WOODEN QUALITY PAIR OF SHAC-SHACS with a strong body and feature curved handle grips
  • LENGTH approx 10in, Width approx 3in, Weight: 1pound; Material: wood
  • HAND PAINTED RATTLES filled with quality seed for your perfect performance
  • EASY TO PLAY AND FUN RUMBA SHAKERS so get the groove and please shake, shake, shake them making a bright, crisp sound