The Mapex Saturn Jazz 5 piece drum with hardware is the perfect set for all musical situations. The walnut and maple 20 inch bass drum coupled with the 10 inch,12 inch toms, the 14 inch floor tom, and the cracking 14 inch snare deliver a driving , full jazz and pop sound. Couple all of this with the Mapex 750 series double brace hardware and you are set for any stage.

Product Features

  • Thin walnut and maple shells for rich, deep tom and bass drum sound
  • Remo Emperor batter heads allow for easy tuning and a fat tom sound
  • Hand painted lacquered finishes along with Delmar covered finishes
  • All toms, floor toms and bass drums have Mapex I.T.S suspension mounts
  • matching 20 lug walnut and maple snare drum