The first bass drum pedal designed to not only enhance and support your current style of bass drum playing but the unique design and structure of the frame makes your entire drum set up is simplified and made easier.

The pedal frame size has been reduced to make your snare stand and hihat stand fit into a better, closer position as it relates to the rest of your set up. State of the art industrial bearing designs have been applied to all mechanical parts of the pedal to increase and insure quiet smooth operations. All functions are separately and individually adjustable. the beaters have interchangeable weights immediately changing the pedal feel, and each pedal comes with an alternative can which is easily changeable.

Product Features

  • Foorprint of the pedal has been reduced in size to accommodate better snare drum stand positioning
  • Beater shaft made from Inox is made to be hollow to reduce weight thus reducing drag and increasing speed.
  • Footbboard has extended length for increased control. Surface is purposely void of logos and slogans to enhance the feel bewteen foot and board
  • Beater position and footbaord angke are easily and individually adjustable and comes with interchangable cams.
  • Beaters have intercahngable beater weights, use without weight very light feel, use 10g weight a little heavier, use 20g weight for a heavy punchy feel.