Simple, but high-quality Soft Case for mandolin. This is perfect for players that need to travel with their mandolin or carry multiple instruments to shows.

  • Can be carried by the handle or worn as a backpack.
  • The wear areas near the tuners and bridge are reinforced for longevity.
  • There is a good sized zippered pocket on the front that will hold your accessories. This is not quite big enough for sheet music but should hold everything else needed.
  • The backpack straps are high quality, similar to what you would find on a daypack.
  • A foam neck brace helps protect the mandolin from damage.
  • This is great for players that don’t like all the flash you see on some of the new designs. If you want a protective bag with a classic look, give this a try!
  • Fits A and F-style mandolins.

    Product Features

    • Backpack Straps
    • Thick Padding
    • Quality Zippers
    • Neck Brace with Strap
    • Reinforced Wear Areas