Matryomin is invented and produced by Japanese Theremin top player Masami Takeuchi in 2003. Matryomin has only pitch control Theremin. It has warm timbre, wide pitch range(5 octaves) and very nice pitch characteristics to play. ME04 Matryomin is a 3rd model. We have 12 years history and 5,000 owners in the world. Topic: In 2013, the world record “the largest Theremin ensemble” was achieved by 272 Japanese Matryomin players.

Product Features

  • Produced by Japanese Theremin pioneer Masami Takeuchi in 2003. Over 5,000 lovers so far in the world. Warm tone, wide range (over 5oct.), good octave distance like as serious Theremin.
  • Watch videos.
  • Pitch control only, no volume control. Powered by 4 “AA” alkaline batteries (no including). Mono phonic. Phones and line output. No midi, No CV output.
  • Please note, matryoshka has individual differences in shape and painting. Because it made by hand.