•First, check the condition of the box you received to make sure it is all right.
•Secondly, tune the string. The long time shipping and the weather will probably make the string out of tune. Therefore, the string should be tuned slightly before each playing.
•Finally ,if you are a beginner ,please search instruction on the internet or buy a chromatic tuner to learn how to tune the ukulele. If the notes tuned by the tuner apart from an octave by year, please kindly ask a professional for help.Whenever you meet some troubles that you can not solve about the product , contact us and we will try our best to deal with it !

Product Features

  • MATERIAL,High quality AUQILA STRINGS and enclosed silver chromatic tuning pegs.
  • BETTER RESONACE AND SOUND.Rosewood Fretboard, Mahagony back and side make sure a better resonance and more beautiful sound.
  • EASILY TUNABLE,Tuned before shipping. Easily tuned in about one minute.Beautiful tattoo picture, exquisite workmanship, make a difference in ukes
  • INNER CONSTRUCTION AND TATTOO High quality bone nut and saddles combined with ADVANCED EUROPEAN Design Principle.