Just like every M. Ravel instrument, the M. Ravel Cello excels in its class. Nowhere else will you find an instrument in this price range that has all these features: solid spruce top- solid maple back and ribs- inlaid ebony purfling- all that you expect in a high quality instrument. Every cello is carefully adjusted to assure that pegs, nut, sound post, and fingerboard are set up for optimum performance. Outfit includes a Brazil wood bow with horsehair and M. Ravel padded Cordura bag. Made in China. Features/Specs: Solid spruce top, maple back and ribs. Includes ebony pegs, fingerboard, and tailpiece, and inlaid purfling. Each instrument is carefully constructed and adjusted for optimal performance. Outfit includes a fiberglass bow with horsehair and Ballerina padded Cordura bag.

Product Features

  • Brand: M. Ravel
  • Product Code: CE1004/4
  • Includes: Bow, Strings, Carrying Case, Rosin
  • Bring the joy of music home with this handsome M. Ravel MR100 4/4 Cello