A ukulele so easy-even YOU can play!
From the main stage of the Grand Ole Opry to the peaceful shores of beautiful Hawaii, the ukulele’s distinct sound is like magic to one’s ears.
Now, with this Ukulele Starter Kit from LyxJam, anyone can learn to play this beloved lute instrument!
It may be small in size, but our professional quality ukulele is much more than a children’s toy, delivering stunning soprano sound and amazing acoustic resonance you have to hear to believe.
Boasting the classic 4-string style, a durable mahogany plywood body, unbreakable fingerboard and bridge, and contemporary closed metal tuning pegs, this 23″ wonder is the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate players interested in all kinds of musical genres.

As always, LyxJam brings you recording studio quality, all the essential accessories and other valuable perks at the most affordable prices.
Our complete starter set comes with [3] picks for plucking, a device for tuning, cleaning cloth, strap, positioning stickers, as well as an owner’s manual with practice chords.
You’ll also receive a bonus Hal Leonard ukulele book for beginners.
So set aside your electric guitar, put down the violin, and discover a treasured string instrument that’s vastly underrated! Bring home the LyxJam Ukulele Starter Kit today!

What You Get
– 1 x Ukulele from LyxJam
– Every essential for out-of-the-box playing
– Cool gig bag to tote your soprano sidekick
– FREE method songbook to get your fingers started!

Specs & Details
Size: 23″
Style: soprano
Tuning pegs: closed
Top/back/side material: mahogany plywood
Fingerboard & bridge material: high-density wood

How to Enjoy
1. Attach the strap and swing it on to get started
2. Grab a pick and pluck to your heart’s content
3. Consult your guidebook for quick learning without videos
4. Create lovely lute sound that’s pure and loud like the pros!

Product Features

  • THE ULTIMATE UKULELE STARTER KIT – Complete Set Includes 23″ Beginner to Intermediate 4-String Instrument & All the Necessary Supplies & Instructions Kids & Adults Need to Start Strumming
  • EXCEPTIONAL SOUND QUALITY – Premium Quality Mahogany Plywood & High-Density Wood Construction Delivers Beautiful Soprano Sound & Resonance for Professional Sound Performance
  • TRADITIONAL YET SLEEK STYLING – Durable Build, Smooth Lines & Closed Tuning Pegs Allow for Many Years of Dependable Music Playing; A Gorgeous, Easy-to-Play Gift for Musicians of All Ages
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Bundle Pack for Dummies Features Comfortable Neck Strap, 3 Picks, Carry Gig Bag, Tuner, Positioning Sticker Decals, Cleaning Cloth & Manual w/ Practice Chords
  • FREE HAL LEONARD METHOD BOOK 1 – Bonus Beginner’s Songbook Teaches Classic Techniques for Plucking Like a Pro; Skip the Expensive Lessons & DVDs & Learn All Styles from Jazz to Country!