The Accent Fuse features 9-ply, 8mm wood shells, which provide rich low-end and smooth mids. The drum set features 13″ hi-hats, 16″ crash/ride cymbal, 16 x 20″ bass drum, 8 x 12″ and 8 x 10″ mounted toms, a 14 x 14″ floor tom, and a 5 x 14″ wood snare. The Accent series upgrades include micro classic lugs and Ludwig 200 series hardware. The geared, locking, and double-braced hardware includes a bass pedal, snare stand, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, and drum throne.

Product Features

  • 20″x16″ Bass Drum, 12″x8″ Tom Tom, 14″x14″ & 10″x8″ Floor Toms and 5″x14″ Snare Drum
  • Durable, Wrapped Finish, Classic Micro-Lugs & Telescoping Bass Drum Spurs
  • Complete with Ludwig cymbals: 13″ Hi-Hats, 16″ Crash
  • Hardware Includes: 200 Series double-braced cymbal stand & hi-hat stand and 201 Series double-braced snare stand, plus Improved chain-drive kick pedal, drum throne, & drum key
  • White Finish