Lucky Penny Music evolved from the desire to offer high quality stringed instruments to the public at competitive prices, without compromising quality or features doing it. We think you should be able to get a quality instrument without breaking the bank, so we worked with some of the best manufacturers in the business designing each instrument with the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. Thanks to its solid-body construction and integrated electronics, amplifying your upright bass is now as simple as plugging an instrument cable into its 1/4-inch output jack and feeding it into either a DI or your bass amplifier of choice. You’ll be shocked when you hear the natural, woody tones the bass pumps out, and with the onboard volume and bass control you can tweak the sound to whatever room or venue you’re playing in. The state of the art onboard electronics were designed specifically for upright bass, ensuring accurate and faithful reproduction of the frequency output spectrum. There are even two 1/8-inch mini-jacks on board. One lets you connect headphones for silent practice sessions, and the other lets you plug in your favorite CD or MP3 player to jam along with your favorite tunes. With extremely high fidelity, the Lucky Penny electric upright bass boasts a noise free sound reproduction which captures the pleasantly woody aspect of an acoustic upright bass. It also includes a headphone jack for silent practice and a CD/MP3 input to jam along with your favorite songs.

Product Features

  • Solid maple construction
  • State of the art electronics specially designed for double bass
  • Volume & Bass controls
  • 1/4″ Output jack, 1/8″ Stereo mini jack input for CD/MP3 player, 1/8″ stereo mini jack output for headphones
  • 3/4 model, arm and leg rest included